In the jungle the mighty jungle…

…the lion’s asleep tonight. But the lion isn’t the mightiest animal there.

Do you know what the rarest animals in Vietnam’s jungles are?

Explore our virtual jungle to find out!

Artist: Nhat Uyen & Tuong Vi, Class 5/3, Le Ngoc Han Primary School, Ho Chi Minh City

From the founder

Hello Primary Students

What do we know about wildlife animals in Vietnam?

How many forests are there in Viet Nam?

Why should we know about forest and wildlife animals in Viet Nam?

How many species are still alive? How many species are endangered animals?

Do you know about the death of the latest Javan Rhinoceros in 2010?

Why did they kill the Red list’s wild animals?

As kids, what can we do for conservation?

Why should we save wildl animals?

How can we take care of wild animals?

“People are killing a lot of animals around the world right now. Some people don’t care about the animals they killed, but some people care about the animals. I also care about those animals. My feeling for those animals is huge. I feel bad for them because those animals have a family and when they are killed, the family is missing an important member like the dad or the mother. When there are no longer any animals of a particular species, that species will become extinct and there’s no more possibility of reviving it. I feel bad for the species that go extinct. Take Vietnam’s Javan rhino for example. This type of rhino became extinct in 2010 as the last Javan rhino was killed in that year in Cat Tien national park. There are a lot of animals in the Red Book in Vietnam. When an important species is gone, it will affect the entire ecosystem, not just that species alone. I feel very bad for the environment and the animals. These animals should be protected and cared for, as our future depends on them.”

HOANG BACH, Class 5-4 Le Ngoc Han Primary School, Ho Chi Minh City, Author Nov 2020

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