Draw a picture to protect wild animals

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Task: You have to choose one sentence that you like and draw a picture on A4 paper that describes that sentence. Your guy’s actions can contribute one more mind to protect Vietnam’s wild animals. Try doing it now!

Yêu cầu:  Bạn hãy chọn 1 câu cổ động mà bạn yêu thích và vẽ 1 bức tranh khổ A4 có câu cổ động đó. Các bạn ơi, hành động của các bạn góp thêm 1 tiếng nói kêu gọi cộng đồng bảo vệ động vật hoang dã ở Việt Nam. Hành động ngay bạn nhé!

Let use these quotes:

Don’t be wild to wildlife

Save our wildlife

The future of wildlife in our hand 

Save Vietnam wildlife 

Save it to cherish or leave it  to perish 

Because they can’t speak for themselves 

Help save the wildlife

Save the animals!

Spaces, not Cages

Save and be saved

Share the world not your frustration

Protect nature’s beauties!

Mom says, don’t abuse animals

Speak for the Unspeakable

Friends don’t chain friends

Don’t act blindly, treat us kindly

Don’t harm the harmless

God loved the birds and created trees, we created cages for them

Live and let live

Animals don’t have voices. That’s what people are for.

Keep calm & don’t abuse wildlife

Save them please, no need to tease

Let’s end cruelty to all animals

Save their home, Stop deforestation

Keep calm and stop wildlife abuse

I’m against wildlife abuse, Are you?

Stop wildlife abuse and cruelty

Say no to animal abuse

Animal abuser is a looser

Animals are in need

Killing is Sinning

No excuse for animal abuse

Stop animal abuse and be a hero

4 thoughts on “Draw a picture to protect wild animals

  1. Dear all,

    I do draw a picture on A4 and I want to raise question on how to do next as hardcopy hanging up directly to my teacher at school or sending that photo through email or else?

    I am Truong Nguyen Gia Minh (Harvey), 4.2 class, Le Ngoc Han School, 2020.

    Thank you and waiting for your response.

    My Dad’s email: khoinguyen277@gmail.com

    Please kindly contact me via this email.

    Your sincerely,

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