Golden Toad

Golden Toad The toad ( two-part nomenclature : Bufo periglenes ) is an amphibian of the Toad family . This species is found in a high cloud cover rain forest covering an area of ​​30 km 2 in the city of Monteverde , Costa Rica . This species was described in 1966 by Jay Savage. As of May 15, 1989, no B. periglenes has been recorded anywhere in the world and this species has been listed as extinct by the InternationalContinue reading “Golden Toad”

Earth phoenix

Status:Cực kỳ nguy cấp (IUCN 3.1) The earth phoenix: The earth phoenix ( two part nomenclature : Buceros bicornis ) is the largest member of the Red Yellow family ( Bucerotidae ). The red rose inhabits the forests of India , Southeast Asia and southern China . Their enormous size and impressive colors have contributed to making them a part of the culture and rituals of some local tribes. Hong Hoang lives quite a long life withContinue reading “Earth phoenix”