Awesome Native Animals in Vietnam

Red-Shanked Douc These colorful primates get their name from the Vietnamese word for torch: đuốc. They’re canopy dwellers, so you might have to strain your neck to find them high up in the jungles of central Vietnam. When you find one, though, there will be others nearby, as they live in groups of 4-15. WhereContinue reading “Awesome Native Animals in Vietnam”

The State of Endangered Animals in Vietnam

Viet Nam is an East Asian country located on the Indochina Peninsula. The country is heavily forested and mountainous. The country is known for having a high level of biodiversity. However, many of Vietnam’s wild areas have become denuded habitats. Over 300 species of animals have disappeared from the country and more than 100 livingContinue reading “The State of Endangered Animals in Vietnam”